Concern for the Future of Democracy

July 15, 2018

Dear Greg Walden,


It is with utmost respect for the office of Congress that I hereby submit this letter denouncing your continued support of the increasingly tyrannical policies of the current presidential administration. 


Every action of this current president's regime smacks of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and nationalism. This is NOT what the United States of America stands for... there is no "liberty and justice for all" with this regime now. 


Since you haven't taken the time to listen to your electorate, let me share with you what we are seeing:  Emboldened racists, national policies separating children from parents, neglected U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico still waiting for electricity, climate change accelerating beyond the tipping point, continued persecution and debasement of people of color and LGBQT communities, environmental exploitation, deepening gaps between the uber-rich and the rest of humanity, the appointment of special interest-supported agency heads to U.S. departments who are categorically opposed to those agency missions, a looming trade war that will damage the U.S. economy greatly, and a president who is alienating allies and cozying up to true enemies of democracy, that's what's happening.


I am disappointed in you... shame on you.... Valuing money and power over the trust that people placed in you as an elected official supposedly meant to represent them. 


I do want to thank you for getting me activated to register more voters to vote for your Democratic rival in the General Election in November. 


When Oregon voters speak, it will be with thunder.




Dawn Rasmussen

The Dalles, OR 


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