Dear Greg: For once, stand up against Trump’s hatred toward women!

June 17, 2018




Representative Walden,


I am writing as a woman and as one of your constituents. Can you please provide me with some insight into your priorities? I’m at a loss to understand how you are representing your constituents back here in Oregon. 


I should be proud to have a powerful Representative in Washington who is the Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee. You have the power to advance women’s health issues and yet you refuse to move forward a bi-partisan bill whose only purpose is to STUDY why women in the US are dying from complications related to pregnancy at 120% the average rate of women in developed countries. The bill is called “Ending Maternal Mortality Act” put forward by your Republican colleague Jaime Herrera-Beutler. 


Please move this bill forward and save your reputation back home which is fast-becoming one of a Representative who cares little for his constituents and even less for women.


We, your constituents, are mostly rural and have limited access to healthcare, especially women’s health care. ALL of our healthcare needs which include reproductive healthcare. We also have limited access to healthy food options. There is so little equity in access to healthy options back here in your home district but you seem to be forgetting all of this while in D.C. or fundraising for the Republican party. But along all of these fronts, you failed us. 


You recently voted in support of the Farm Bill which would have devastated families in your district who rely on SNAP to meet their basic food needs for their family. You worked really hard last year to take away healthcare to many of your constituents who rely on the the expanded Medicaid benefits made possible by the Affordable Care Act with no viable alternative for us in your district. You sabotaged CHIP by allowing the tobacco tax funding for CHIP to lapse thereby creating a false choice of CHIP funding requiring an offset with cuts in health programs. These health programs are the very ones that we benefit from back home in your district. 


You stand by while allowing women’s healthcare access become dependent upon a women’s wealth rather than a basic right to have equal access to all reproductive healthcare options. For once, stand up against Trump’s hatred toward women! There is no legitimate reason for withholding Title X funding to clinics whose Doctors and medical staff provide information about all legally acceptable healthcare options for their patients. 


When are you going to be our Representative and ally in D.C.? An ally to all women of all ages and all economic means?


Nancy Boever

Bend, OR




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