Dear Greg Walden: Enough is enough, I want my country back

May 20, 2018

Dear Greg Walden,


In 2016, the gun lobby gave $5,900,000 to buy our members of Congress’ thoughts, prayers, inaction and they all have blood on their hands.


Fortunately for Oregon, both Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley have received $0 from the NRA and have a record of voting to add gun restrictions. Unfortunately in the House Oregon isn't doing so well, especially with one member, my Representative, you, Greg Walden. You received $45,746 in direct and indirect outside support from the NRA and have consistently voted to loosen gun restrictions. Yes, you have blood on your hands.


I was in tears this morning watching our kids laying down in front of the White House to demand action. There will be Walkouts, there will be Marches, and I will be right there with them because now is the time. Now is the time to put people over profits, to ensure all people are safe, to have health care, clean air, clean water, food to eat and a safe place to live. Right now the United States isn't looking so good.


Please do not send me a form letter response. Tell the Country that you will walk beside these powerful kids who have found their voice and say #neveragain.Tell the Country you stand with the people not the rich and powerful. Enough is enough, I want my country back.


Beverly Sherrill



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