Oregonians for Better Government works in Oregon’s Congressional District 2 to amplify the voices of progressive voters, spread progressive values, and create fertile ground for progressive candidates at all levels. Currently, our focus is unseating Representative Greg Walden



After twenty years in politics, Greg Walden doesn’t look out for the little guy any more. He talks big about sticking up for regular Oregonians, but once his big corporate donors are the ones he’s really working for. Walden’s voting record in Washington demonstrates that he is willing and eager to:

  • Rip healthcare from millions of Americans

  • Enrich the wealthy at the expense of working families

  • Decimate the earned benefits of low and middle income citizens

  • Eliminate equal access to the internet

  • Ignore veteran’s mental health needs

  • Give away our public lands

  • Support an administration marked by discrimination and corruption 

We're ready to send Walden packing!